Separate Girls and boys hostel in college campus and round the college. The hostels are homely and safe. College and hostel have surveillance cameras and gatekeeper for safety of our girls and boys.

The Canteen provides freshly cooked meals. The menu varies daily. Ayurvedic herbal tea, organic fruit, vegetable, salad, food, and snakes. Also North Indian meals and South Indian meals
Lunch and Dinner often rice and chapatti, dal, vegetables, salad, different pickles and Chutney.

The Library has English and Hindi book on medical, anatomy and physiology, health industry, hospital management, physiotherapy, self-improvement that you may borrow for enhance your knowledge.
The library also have journal magazines and daily newspapers to keep updated.

The college has modern and high-tech equipment, Anatomy Lab, Physiology Lab, Physiotherapy Lab, Exercise Therapy Lab. Computer Lab where the students get practical knowledge, learn new skills. It is very helpful to learn modern knowledge and technology.

Online Classes
Online Classes is helpful for students to learn and study anywhere.
Online Classes is very safety for your health in pandemic time.

E-video & E-books
E-video & E-books are also provided by college. E-video & E-books are made by very systematic and structured way for extra skill and more exposure.

The college has well physiotherapy clinics.

Laundry Service
Laundry Service comes to collect and deliver washing clothes for hostel students daily for a small fee per item.

Students have access to Wi-Fi throughout the recess time to enhance the knowledge.