Medical Dresser

What do Medical Dresser do:- 

Medical dressers apply a number of different dressings and techniques available for managing. Healing and for preventing further damages to the wounds. The majority of wounds handled by them are of acute trauma or surgical wounds. They design dressing in such a way that it remain direct contact with the wound, which makes it different from a bandage, which is primarily used to hold a dressing in place. Dressings are frequently used in first aid and in nursing. 

Work environment  

In modern society with fast life and livelihood, medical dressing clinics has become matter of essential public requirement at every road crossing and densely populated habitation. Medical dressers ae the first medical-aid provider as dong very good private and independent practice without having very big infrastructural investment. Along with the above self-employment options medical dresser are in great requisition in every medical organisation, private medical clinic, nursing home and hospital. 

Course on offer  

Certificate in Medical dressing (C.M.D) 

Course Duration: one year 

Eligibility:  a passed in matric (10th) or equivalent examinations from recognized board is eligible. 

Career and Duties Opportunity: 

  1. Work in any hospital, clinic, private and government school and NGO. 
  1. Assessment  of wounds 
  1. Management of wounds 
  1. Cleaning of wounds 
  1. Closures of wounds. 
  1. Required in every medical organisation, nursing home and hospital.